Friday, January 19, 2007


Dear Everyone,

1. FRONT PAGE -- CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR! -- The lead photo on today’s Christian Science Monitor website -- -- was taken from “our” Beach Impeach helicopter! “IMPEACH!” The Monitor is one of the world’s most respected news organizations -- articles and images from its pages are widely circulated, and the staffs of every Representative and Senator in the US Congress regularly read the Monitor, as do every major and most of the world’s minor media outfits. This is incredible exposure for the “I” word. I could not be more pleased. Are not anything and everything possible?

The photo has been up since about 3:30 Thursday afternoon and will stay there until, I believe, 3:30 Sunday afternoon. It will probably be seen by...
millions? The story accompanying the photo is also running on the front page of the Friday, Jan 19, print edition of the Monitor -- the photo is on page 4, I’m told. I’ve been referring to John Montgomery’s incredible photos as “The Shots Seen Round The World” -- and if it was hyperbole before, it ain’t no more!

2. NEW OPT-IN EMAIL LIST: If you want to hear from me regarding my plans and actions and news and writing, please take 15 seconds and register for the new email list I’ve started at Hit the “email list” bar at the top of the page and enter your email address. It’s that easy. It’s also that easy to unsubscribe. I promise I’ll TRY to not send more than one email a day. And I will not share your email address with anyone ever.

3. STOREFRONT INSURANCE – In order to secure a lease until April 1 on the PERFECT storefront that I have found (it is five steps from the front door of the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland) I still need to find a legal entity – a business, an LLC, a non-profit, SOME group with bylaws and legal standing and all that good stuff -- to be the named party on the insurance policy I need to purchase, and to be the named party on the lease itself. If you know anyone who can step up here, please let me know. I will handle all the money (insurance, rent, utilities, everything) -- it won’t cost the named party a penny and will probably pay off for them in all sorts of good karma and priceless publicity. I believe that sooner rather than later, the world’s media will beat its way to the door of a storefront rented by a San Francisco cab driver who took $20,000 out of his savings yesterday and told his boss not to expect to see him for ten weeks and who is throwing every single ounce of himself (since the inspiration for Beach Impeach hit me, my weight has dropped from 181 to 165.5 lbs) into seeing Bush and Cheney GONE BY APRIL 1. Some things in life you HAVE to do alone, and some things in life you CAN’T do alone. In advance, I suspected that if I’d been working with a committee, Beach Impeach would never have come off -- I HAD to organize it alone. But this next thing -- I CAN’T do it alone. At least not THIS part of it. I NEED someone to step forward and take this on! Please. There’s gotta be someone on this list who knows someone who wants to have a little fun… no? Again, my cell phone: 415-305-TAXI (8294). I know someone’s out there, headed my way… I’m getting darned curious to see who it’s gonna be! If you knew how many emails I’ve had, how many calls I’ve had, how many friends have stopped me to say, “Oh, my god – I WISH I HAD KNOWN about that thing down at the beach…!” Well, as soon as this lease is signed, I’m expecting the same sort of thing: “Oh, WE”D HAVE DONE THAT IN A MINUTE, IF WE’D KNOWN ABOUT IT.”

So, who’s it gonna be?

4. WASHINGTON, DC, NEXT WEEKEND -- United for Peace and Justice, an activist coalition of 1500 groups, is organizing a huge march on Washington next weekend, and yesterday I bought my airplane ticket. I am going to do my best to pull off, somewhere on the Mall, what we pulled off on the beach on January 6. Are you going to DC? Let me know, and I’ll try to keep you in the loop. I haven’t got this one organized yet – don’t have a permit, don’t have sand, haven’t figured it out, but I’m going for it... So if you’re there, and you suddenly see a lot of people start to lie down on the grass, well, figure it out, and do what comes naturally…

5. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ON FRIDAY, JAN 19 -- OCEAN BEACH: The first thing I’ll need to do to make Washington happen, is to go down to Ocean Beach in a few hours and work something out in the sand. I could use a few able-bodied people for a few hours starting at 10 a.m. Same spot… If you can make it, please… My cell: 415-305-8294.

6. “THE PLAN” -- It’s coming together quite nicely, I think, but I’m still not ready to share it quite this… publicly? But no one who’s heard it so far has scoffed… Stay tuned. Join my other email list -- over at

........Bush and Cheney GONE BY APRIL 1

You're awesome Brad! Keep up the great work...
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