Monday, January 22, 2007


BUT FIRST: Can you believe the feeling in the country today compared to three months ago? Impeachment in the air. President on the run. In late October I was telling friends of mine, "He's gone by Christmas!" They scoffed, yawned, guffawed. And, yes, he's still here. Yes, I was wrong. But lately I haven't heard anyone laughing, not even one person, when I say, "Bush and Cheney GONE BY APRIL 1."

I'm proud to be a part of this historic taking back of our country. I'm a little drop of water in a pot that's coming full boil. Here's what's been happening in the molecules of my newly busy, newly heated-up life:

1. STOREFRONT -- Still lacking insurance. It's coming from somewhere, but I'm not sure where. Storefront sitting there empty, just waiting for us. Stay tuned. Yesterday I picked up from the printer two enormous blowups of John Montgomery's incredible Beach photos -- five feet by four feet each -- and they are breathtaking. If you were at the Beach Event, you can look at these posters and see yourself lying in the sand. Not your facial expression, but you can identify your clothes. And these'll be hanging in the storefront by February 1, I do intend.

2. WASHINGTON, D.C. -- I'm leaving on Thursday. Organizers are predicting 100,000 to 500,000 protestors for the big march on Saturday. I'm planning to pull off on the Mall what we did on the Beach. Five days in advance, Mall Impeach feels about as iffy as Beach Impeach felt five days in advance. All the same variables to nail down, plus a few more, plus the weather, and only a few days to travel 3,000 miles to unfamiliar territory. But occasionally in life we all feel the wind at our backs, and the wind has definitely been at my back recently, and I'm just going to point myself in the direction I want to go and let this wind blow me there...

3. NEED HELP IN OAKLAND ON WEDNESDAY -- Last Friday an incredibly talented crew (no kidding!) of five showed up at Ocean Beach and we accomplished quite a bit (we also, really, had a wonderful time). I'm going to need some help again Wednesday morning, this time in Oakland, near Lake Merritt. If you're interested in coming: -- 415-305-8294.

4. POSTCARDS -- I've now mailed postcards to everyone who registered for the Beach event. The last batch went out in today's mail. If you registered with your real name and address yours should arrive within a couple of days.

5. "THE PLAN" -- It's still cooking, very nicely, but it's too early to take out of the oven. I'd share it with you personally if you were here, but I'm not ready to put it 'out there' just yet.

6. MAILING LIST -- Please sign up for my new -- all impeachment, all the time -- email list. Go to, hit the "email list" bar at top of page, follow instructions. Will take you fifteen seconds. You'll get updates to your inbox, and I promise to not flood it.

Bush and Cheney GONE BY APRIL 1....

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