Wednesday, January 24, 2007


1. REVOLUTION IN A BOX: I spent Wednesday getting my hardware in order for Thursday’s trip to Washington, D.C., and for Saturday’s attempt at what I've been callling "Mall Impeach" (JUST NOW I recognize that a speedily uttered "IMPEACH MALL" has a certain ring to it! but it's too late to fiddle, and I'm not packed). Three people showed up to help, and together, after a long day, we finally got everything into the box I’m taking with me on the plane – “Revolution in a Box” I call it.

Our creation is a pretty tricky and complicated piece of work (lots of ropes and knots) and I’m NOT AT ALL sure that this event is going to come off – there are still about seven or eight unsettled factors, any one of which might doom it, but I’m going for it. I’m emotionally prepared for failure. Any success, even partial, will be considered a bonus -- as well as a learning experience to be put to use during the upcoming “Plan”. BUT I am not at all convinced this CAN’T come off! We shall see… And soon…

2. WISDOM FROM A SURGEON: All little tidits of knowledge can be stored away for future use, and I took note of one worth-noting, worth-saving, worth-sharing tidbit today. One of today’s three volunteers was a retired vascular surgeon from my neighborhood, Bob Davis (the people who’ve been showing up to help have been INCREDIBLE people – Bob’s been the only two-timer so far). Bob kept plugging for making everything as simple and as uncomplicated as possible. Saturday’s event may have to take place in a narrow window of time (I believe the lettering can be put in place in about three minutes if all goes right) and so we certainly don’t want anything confusing. Bob said, “Make everything as clear as possible. When you’re amputating a right leg, you write a great big “NO” on the left leg, and you write a great big “YES” on the right leg. Make everything as clear as possible.” And that became our rallying principle for the day. And for Mall Impeach… (Or Impeach Mall...)

3. PHONE NUMBER – (415) 902-LUSH (5874): Mall Impeach has it’s own outgoing-message-ONLY phone number. Right now, on Wednesday night, I am aiming at noon on Saturday as the TIME for the event, but that’s NOT certain. The LOCATION is definitely uncertain, but I’m thinking somewhere on the Mall, probably to the east side of the Washington Monument, but that may easily change. I’ll be in DC on Friday, scouting around. As soon as any information about time/place/situation/needs becomes known, I’ll change the outgoing message on the phone number. By 9 a.m. Saturday morning I should have clear instructions in place. (415) 902-LUSH (5874) My personal cell phone will probably be very busy (it never stops ringing for long any more), so it’s best to keep updated via (415) 902-LUSH (5874).

4. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED EARLY SATURDAY ON MALL: One of the tasks of this event calls for 7-8 volunteers to be on the Mall by no later than 7:15 a.m. on Saturday morning. You will be there for approximately one and a half hours, and the weather forecast is for very cold, and you will probably be standing around quite a bit, but this task is CRUCIAL to the event. My friend Heather Muchow is in charge of this task. If you can help, please email Heather at (I don’t want to have Heather’s email address compromised, so you’ll have to figure this out) heather underscore muchow at Or phone her at (Nine-One-Seven) 689-8267.

5. POSSIBLE VOLUNTEER MEETING ON FRIDAY NIGHT: On the flight Thursday I'm going to do some figuring and some prep work, and after my day of scouting in DC on Friday it may seem like a good idea to have a volunteers meeting on Friday night. I may need up to a couple of hundred volunteers to help pull this thing off, and the more they know in advance, the smoother everything will go. I don't know where or when (or even IF) that meeting will be right now, but as soon as I do know, I'll put a message on the phone number. (415) 902-LUSH (5874).

6. NO INSURANCE... YET! If you're one of the people still in the storefront insurance mix, or if you know someone who SHOULD be, please... This WILL happen... I'm just not sure how yet. But I'll start dealing with that next week. In the meantime, have a great weekend. Hope to see you in DC...

If you're not coming, I hope you find a peace march near you (the biggest in several years in SF takes place Saturday)... and whatever the case, please wish us luck in DC... And, yes, I know that you of course DO!

All the very best,


...... Bush and Cheney GONE BY APRIL 1....

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