Tuesday, January 23, 2007

At the Beach Impeach event I met a man named Russ who looked to be somewhere around my age (55). Russ showed up early wearing a red sweatshirt and quietly went about helping me get the lettering etched into the sand. Afterwards, through email, I came to know that the red sweatshirt belongs to Russ' adult son, who is in Iraq, "on his second tour of duty... a machine gunner on a humvee... 25 miles north of Baghdad." I asked Russ how that is for him, having a son over there. Russ said it's hard, especially since his son is "losing faith in his government... When he enlisted, he was pretty gung ho, going to retire from the army and all that..." But now, Russ says, his son has begun to "understand the brainwashing that he's been through... he's beginning to see things as they really are." Russ says: "So, for me, lying on the beach, carrying a sign in a parade, anything else I can do, helps to keep me busy and helps to keep me from losing my mind from worry."

Russ says his son communicates with him fairly regularly and easily via telephone and email. I've got one child, a ten-year old daughter -- and Russ' situation... I can't even IMAGINE! A couple of days ago, when Russ and I were emailing (about our plans to meet up in Washington DC this weekend), I said, "Gotta ask -- how's your son?"

Russ replied: "I haven't heard from him in over three weeks. I'm beginning to get worried (more so than usual). He's stationed (in an area that) has been in the news lately as the site of a Blackhawk helicopter crash that killed 12 U.S. soldiers. And since October it's been a real 'hotbed of resistance' - daily attacks, car bombs, ambushes, etc. We have got to get these kids out of there!"

Amen, Russ! And the first step is to get this administration GONE BY APRIL 1... !

1. STOREFRONT INSURANCE: I'm shaking the tree as hard as I can. Something will fall. If you know someone who can help, please...

2. WASHINGTON, D.C. -- I'm leaving in 36 hours. The Mall Impeach may come off, it may not, but I'm giving it the best I've got and right now I like the way it's looking. If you want to be part of it (Saturday, around noon, site uncertain) please send me your name, phone #, and email at newsham@mac.com.

3. NEED HELP IN OAKLAND ON WEDNESDAY MORNING -- I'm putting the finishing touches on my hardware for DC, and I'm going to need some help Wednesday morning at 10:30, in Oakland, near Lake Merritt. Near the Grand Lake Theater, in fact. If you can come: newsham@mac.com -- 415-305-8294.

Bush and Cheney... GONE BY APRIL 1....

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