Thursday, January 04, 2007

GROWTH NUMBERS: Please don’t stop spreading the word, but for six straight days we’ve had bigger numbers than the day before (we’re up 102 today, at 709)... Fourteen new people registered while I was taking a 20-minute nap… I don’t sleep any more, have invented a new weight loss program: Start your own impeachment project, stress out, toss in a colonoscopy, lose 14 pounds in a couple of weeks!...

THE POWER OF THESE EVENTS: Check out this link to a similar event on a beach near Hiroshima, and tell me if you don’t get some goosebumps thinking about the potential in our event…!

LOGISTICS: Several people have asked about parking (plenty), directions (easy), transportation (lots available) -- at, top of page, the link “directions, etc” has all that information and more… Regrading dress: the photographers say dark colors show up best, but the Hiroshima photo shows that color is attractive too -- the splashes of white are a nice contrast… A veteran of these events has suggested we bring small mirrors – the helicopter will make several passes, and on one pass the photographers may radio to the ground for us to use our mirrors (or to stand and wave, or whatever…)

MEDIA: If you know anyone at a media outlet, please bug them… The SF Chronicle will have at least a photographer on the ground – not sure about a reporter… A couple of other outlets considering putting their own photographers in the air (not holding my breath)… This morning CKUT in Montreal recorded a ten-minute interview with me and you might hear it on the Pacifica network in the next 24-36 hours. You can hear it now at:

AFTERWARDS: When the helicopter clatters away from us, let’s leave the beach as clean as we can… Unless it’s horribly windy (and so far I haven’t ONCE looked at the weather, but people say it’s for sunshine), I’m probably going to stick around and have a bonfire somewhere near the “I” in “IMPEACH!” Come say hi. After that, I’m going to go have a massage and then a long, long nap…

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