Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm in DC... I've found a perfect spot... please forward this far and wide...

IMPEACH FLASHMOB -- SATURDAY, JAN 27, 11:50 a.m., National Mall, Washington DC

(Gather on sidewalk, Monument side of 14th Street, at the National Mall, by 11:50 a.m.)

On Saturday, Jan 6 -- just three weeks ago -- 1,000 people lay down on the beach in San Francisco and with their bodies spelled out the message “IMPEACH!” in 100-foot letters. The story and photos (with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background) went worldwide – front page of the Christian Science Monitor.

On Saturday, Jan 27, we are going to repeat the event here in Washington on the National Mall at noon. Please come and be part of this historic event -- meet at 11:50 a.m. just east of the Washington Monument – specifically, on the sidewalk on the Monument side of 14th Street. A photographer at the top of the Washington Monument will take a picture of 1,000 of us lying down in the grass, spelling out “IMPEACH!” with the Capital Dome in the background. Please come – bring anyone and everyone you can.

We need 1,000 people to fill the lettering, but can accommodate thousands more. It will be a bang-bang affair –- no more than 15 minutes from start to finish. If we pull this off, it will be huge (possibly NY Times, Washington Post, etc…) and it will be historic. Don’t be late -- arrive by 11:50 a.m., look for volunteers handing out flyers with directions, follow the flyer’s directions and also the voice commands of the nearby volunteers. Stay off the grass, keep to the sidewalk, until the ropes that outline the lettering are in place. At 12 o’clock sharp, if all goes as planned, you will see a volunteer in the middle of the crowd raise a green flag. Walk slowly please into the lettering that you will see outlined in ropes and lie down (it’s a good idea, but not necessary, to bring a small tarp or blanket to lie down on), and wait until you see the red flag indicating that the photographers up in the Monument have gotten what they need, and that the event is over.

Volunteers Needed - If you can volunteer to help out with this event, please come to a meeting in the “Federal Room” at the Hotel Washington (515, 15th Street@ Pennsylvania Ave.), 7-9 pm Friday night, Jan 26th. Or call Brad Newsham at 415-305-8294.

THANK YOU! Please send this to anyone you know who is in Washington this weekend...!

(Situation is set, but fluid. For current updates call 510-277-5241)

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