Monday, January 15, 2007

It's a good thing that I got (an almost shocking) 9 hours of sleep last night, as it was an ACTIVE day over here and I needed all my energy for it...

I can tell you about ONE of the big things that happened... The Impeachment Movement now has not only a killer visual or two, but in a matter of days will have a physical place, a storefront a mile from my home, where interested folks can drop in and say hello (and maybe send a postcard to their representative or senator or family and friends) between now and April 1, by which time Bush and Cheney will be gone. The landlord and I agreed on general terms today (it'll cost about $3,000 a month, including utilities and insurance) and as soon as the insurance is worked out, we'll sign a lease. By February 1, at the latest, you'll be invited to come see... US! Or at least ME! I'll be needing help on a lot of fronts very soon -- thanks for all the kind offers of help and support... I'll let you know REAL SOON exactly how you may help, but right now -- tonight! -- I need help with just one thing:

-- IF YOU KNOW OF A FREE SOFTWARE TOOL for creating and managing an opt-in email list, please send that information NOT to me, but to Chris Kula at

There's more going on, but that's it for tonight...

See you again... soon!


congrats on the storefront, brad.
things are moving along nicely.

I like that!

I just had a though of such a thing for D.C.'s South Capitol Mall, and the stupid baseball stadium, which I was writing about when I was targeted by the US government with 20+ black suited police officers, with one of them stating that he had been researching me.

Bush violating the 4th amendment, and he does it to violate the 1st amendment.

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