Monday, January 08, 2007


I PROMISE: No email tomorrow

UNFORGETTABLE: If you had been sitting in my seat for the past 48 hours, with amazing emails and phone calls bombarding you from all over the country and even other countries, and seeing yourself leading a crowd on tv and all of that good stuff (today I’m told we were on Democracy Now, Air America, Michael Moore’s website, and on a smashmouth conservative site littlegreenapples – so you KNOW we’ve hit a nerve)… if you had been sitting here, you would be – as I am – damn near giddy, and you would be convinced – as I am, and increasingly so every minute – that BUSH WILL BE GONE BY APRIL FOOLS AT THE LATEST.

GREAT SONG: Listen to this song that was just sent to me by the artist, Yikes McGee, and tell me if you don’t just feel it – the change of administration – coming, and propelled by the gentle spirit that was present at the beach Saturday:

I PROMISE: No mass email tomorrow. I’m getting up early, going hiking deep into the woods somewhere, and I’m going to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and lie down and take a nap… and then I’m coming back home and we’re going to FINISH THIS THING OFF! BUSH AND CHENEY GONE BY APRIL FOOLS!

SPECIAL VIDEO: Saturday morning I arrived at the beach about 8:05, got all my equipment out of the van, dragged it down to the beach, and was bent over in the sand trying to unravel a knotted 300-foot tape measure when I heard the voice of 13-year old Sam Rubin of Oakland call hello from up on the sea wall. Sam’s mom Sally had emailed me the night before, wondering if it would be ok if Sam and his friend Otto shot their first video documentary at our event, and of course I said of course. Sam and his sidekick Otto, also Sam’s age, are an incredible pair – these two are going places when they’re older. They touched me, and Sam’s is the ‘first’ footage shot that day. There is a lot of great Beach Impeach footage up on youtube, but for some reason when you enter “beach impeach” Sam’s doesn’t come up. Here’s the link:

OK, OK – HERE’S WHERE YOU CAN SEND YOUR MONEY! Dozens of people have asked me how they could help with the event expenses. Just so you know, as I would want to know, this whole two-month, once-in-a-lifetime experience cost me less than $2,500, including supplies, permits, insurance, tape measures, tools, and both the November and January helicopters – January’s helicopter was up there 1.4 hours at $463 an hour. If I got this kind of return on every investment, I’d be filthy rich, which, by the way, I am starting to feel! Anyway, I have suggested that people please donate to one of the established impeachment groups – they all struggle for money – and everything we did Saturday was accomplished by standing on the shoulders of all the hard work they’ve done over the last few years. Then, this afternoon, I got an email from Working Assets, the good people who put together the volunteerforchange event management tool (it’s the site where you registered, and from which I’m sending this one email to all 1,100 of you) and without which we simply couldn’t have pulled this thing off . Working Assets asked that if I could help get the word out about the nation-spanning Peace Train is sending from Sacramento to Washington DC on Jan 23. and were the two organizations whose mailing lists made the crucial difference in getting people to know about Beach Impeach. needs about $5,000 to help finance the California portion. I sent them $100 today, but I’ll bet that a donation bucket at the beach would have wound up with $5,000. If any of you still want to make a financial difference in the impeachment movement, please: the Peace Train. Details at or from Tim at 916-225-5176.


“I was the guy in the maroon sweatshirt. That sweatshirt belongs to my son. He's in Iraq right now on his second tour of duty. He's a machine gunner on a humvee at… 25 miles north of Bagdad.

“He's also loosing faith in his government. He has 10 months left there, then he gets out of the army 6 months later. When he enlisted, he was pretty gung ho,
going to retire from the army and all that. It has taken longer to permeate through the brainwashing that he's been through, but he's beginning to see things as they really are.

“So lying on the beach, carrying a sign in a parade, or anything else I can do, helps to keep me busy and helps to keep me from losing my mind from worry.”

(Name withheld)

And this from Bryan Adamson


Thought I'd drop you a congratulatory email for the success of the beach impeach project. Wonderfully done! My brother was there… I'm very sorry I missed it.

I was surprised when I saw your name.... I wondered if this was the same Newsham who wrote one of my favorite books, All The Right Places…

I read your book around 1990 while poking holes in the Pacific in a nuclear sub. Your book is important to me because it marked a turning point in my life from conservative, local boy to liberal, travel junkie. In fact, your book got passed around on the sub and contributed, I'm sure, to a travel bug that infected many crew members. Several went on 1-year walk-abouts after leaving the Navy.

Anyway, congratulations again and keep up the good work.

Bryan Adamson”

GOODNIGHT: Ten days ago I was afraid I might be heading over the cliff of yet another massive embarrassment, and I just kept driving, and my goodness – YOU incredible folks… I KNEW your were out there… but to see you actually SHOW UP and lie down and do the thing with me and to then be hit by this blast of humanity and approval – NO ONE should be allowed to have this much fun! THANK EACH OF YOU FOREVER!



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