Friday, January 12, 2007

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STOREFRONT: I am in negotiations with a landlord's representative over a vacant storefront in my neighborhood. The landlord is out of town and out of contact until Monday, and I'm very antsy to get this going. The space is perfect, and I want to rent it between now and April 1, by which time Bush and Cheney will be GONE. The intention: to give the impeachment movement a PHYSICAL ADDRESS where anyone can drop in -- it has existed only in cyberspace for far too long. I believe I could pay the rent (about $3,000 month) by making available postcards (of the Beach Impeach event) and stamps; inviting the world to come in a send a postcard to their representatives (or to anyone they want); and making a donation bucket available, too. Also, it would be a great place to hatch the rest of my plan, the BIG part, which is still cooking.


1. My good friend Larry Habegger (of the publishing house Travelers' Tales) tells me that I was just a few feet away from him and his two daughters at one point on Saturday, but I was surrounded by people and so Larry didn't push through and say hello and give me a hug... I hated hearing that -- Larry and his partner James O'Reilly published the book I spent ten years working on and seeking a publisher for (Take Me With You)... and that Larry and I were so close and didn't connect and I thought he hadn't even come... oh, well, I'll stop by his place in North Beach one of these days and we'll laugh it off...

2. I do NOT know for a FACT that Nancy Pelosi has personally laid eyes on these images that were created specifically with her in mind. I called her office on Tuesday, and I spoke with a few different people, each of whom claimed they had not heard about Beach Impeach. Really! I don't know if they were being coy, or had been warned against commenting on it, or...? Or were they actually telling the truth, and none of them -- not in DC, not in SF -- had heard about this thing that was all over the media in Nancy's district and in much of the country and world. I do not want to embarrass her -- I want her to be President, and soon -- but if someone in her office doesn't get back to me soon and tell me that Nancy has seen our images, I don't know what I'm going to do... But I do have a couple of ideas that I can pretty much guarantee will put these things all over the media again, and maybe that's the thing to do... And I got the same story out of Barbara Lee's office -- no one admitted to having heard of the event -- weird! About two-thirds of the people in my cab today had heard of it, and when I walked into the Noah's Bagels on First and Mission today they'd ALL been waiting for me for a week, they said, as they'd seen it on the news and recognized me as one of their regular customers... So it strains credibility that I could talk to, really, more than half a dozen people in those two offices, and no one had heard of it... (Last week I even called and INVITED Pelosi or her anyone from her staff -- and the woman I spoke with ASKED ME for my name, phone number, website, etc.) This has pissed me off a bit -- and I let them know it... I will not consider this event complete until I KNOW that the Representative in whose district this was held, and the Representative in whose district I live and vote, have personally laid eyes on these images. I consider it not so much a personal insult, but simply not something I, as YOUR representative, can consider acceptable... It brings up all sorts of uncomfortable questions for me.

2,000 INKWORKS POSTCARDS: They are beautiful. I stopped by Berkeley and picked them up today, and I asked all the workers in the Inkworks office to sign their names, and we mailed one card to Pelosi's San Francisco office and one to her Washington office. So the photos should physically be IN her offices by Tuesday. Still, I want to KNOW that she has laid eyes on them. And I want to know if she has any comment I can pass along to you -- the 1,000 people in MY constituency. Even if the comment is No Comment.

ARTICLE PUBLISHED WORLDWIDE: Michael Rudolph, founder of Impeach for Peace, today published an article (complete with John Montgomery photo) in an online magazine with a global audience. To see it:

GROUNDING: Finally, tonight, I feel like I'm somewhere back down near the ground again. Driving my cab around San Francisco today I just had to keep pulling myself back into my body... a week ago I had no idea whether this thing was going to come off or not... and I still can't believe how almost perfectly it DID come off... and that those two months of hard, hard work paid off in such a massive, massive way... Really... Can't you feel it? Bush and Cheney Gone by April 1...!

your inertia is amazing!
i bet pelosi and lee HAVE seen the images, but are not admitting to it, due to... total b.s.? it's the same thing as when pelosi announced, after winning, that impeachment was NOT on the table.
good luck on the stotefront. how can i get some of those postcards, for distribution up here on the mendo coast?
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