Friday, February 09, 2007


BIG WEEK behind me... lots of work, lots of forward motion, lots of reality crashing down on my head... Seven mornings ago I didn't even HAVE the storefront... Now I've been in there nearly a week, with a lease and insurance worked out... in the front window I've mounted two huge blowup posters from the Beach Impeach event, and people are constantly stopping outside to study them... and occasionally they wander inside, too... the place is great, oozing potential, but...

BOTTOM LINE: it's going to take more time getting the storefront "operational" than I had anticipated... Sitting in there yesterday morning, with no phone lines and no internet connection, I realized that I'm in great shape to orchestrate a late April event with 100 sites, but in very "iffy" shape for a March 24 event... I asked my landlord if I could have an extension until April 30, and he agreed, and now I'm trying to pick a new date in late April -- March 24 is "off the table"... Looks like April 21 or April 28 will be the new date... And I may just go back to DC again on March 17, when a huge march on the Pentagon is scheduled, and re-do the Mall Event, and get it RIGHT this time... great way to pre-publicize and jumpstart the April event...

NEEDS: Phone service, internet service... a few key volunteers with time to take on some of the projects bigger aspects:

-- WEB help -- my friend and webmaster Chris Kula's father suddenly and unexpectedly passed away on Tuesday night -- my whole web presence is... currently unattended... I need a new web site built -- anyone local to take this on? I want to be able to point over someone's shoulder and say: "Let's do this, let's do that..."

-- volunteers to keep the storefront open on a regular schedule (I'm there most days from 10 a.m. until 2:30 pm)

-- someone to oversee communications with and tracking of the various site organizers

-- a media person


NEW POTENTIAL ORGANIZERS: I keep hearing from new potential organizers: San Diego, Boston, and... Korea!

GONE BY APRIL 1... Nothing would make me happier than to see Bush and Cheney up and leave tomorrow, but this new project won't happen until after April 1...

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